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About Sonya

Sonya Royster is a highly experienced HR Talent Acquisition leader with over 15 years of diverse HR experience spanning multiple industries, including information technology, defense, education, banking, retail, pharmaceutical, and life sciences. Her expertise and knowledge in these sectors have provided her with a deep understanding of the intricacies and unique challenges associated with each industry.

One of Sonya's notable strengths is her exceptional ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She possesses a natural talent for building relationships and establishing meaningful connections with people, regardless of their professional or personal backgrounds. This skill enables her to effectively engage and reach out to a wide range of candidates during the talent acquisition process.

Throughout her career, Sonya has actively mentored, developed, and empowered numerous talented professionals. She understands the importance of investing in employee development and recognizes its direct impact on the operational, relevancy, and financial success of organizations. By providing guidance, support, and opportunities for growth, she has helped individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their career goals.

Sonya is highly regarded for her ability to build and lead teams that deliver complex projects. She possesses a deep understanding of team dynamics and knows how to foster a culture of collaboration, ownership, and high performance. Her leadership style is characterized by leading by example, embodying the organization's culture, and inspiring loyalty among her team members.

In summary, Sonya Royster is an accomplished HR Talent Acquisition leader with a diverse background and extensive experience in various industries. Her superpower lies in her ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, mentor and develop talented professionals, and build teams that deliver exceptional results. Her leadership style promotes a culture of ownership, high performance, and loyalty among employees.

Sonya is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion  and has successfully collaborated with colleagues and organizational leaders to bridge the gap to challenge people in thinking differently.

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Get to Know Us

Welcome to SCR Technical Services, LLC (SCR) – where outstanding employers and exceptional professionals converge to achieve greatness together. Our dual mission is to connect talent with opportunity and empower organizations to unlock their full potential. Together, we reach the goal.


With over 15 years of unparalleled expertise in talent acquisition, SCR's leadership has mastered the art of identifying and vetting top-tier talent that surpasses expectations. We are the trusted partners of decision makers, human resource managers, and hiring managers across a wide spectrum of industries. From nonprofits and small to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, federal agencies, and local municipalities, we have collaborated with influential thought leaders to capture and harness extraordinary talent.


At SCR, we believe that hiring right is not just a task but a transformative journey. We dedicate significant time and resources to ensure that we connect with individuals who not only aspire to succeed but are driven to excel. Our relentless pursuit of excellence allows us to identify professionals who possess not only the requisite skills and qualifications but also the passion, inspiration, and determination to make a profound impact. We are committed to partnering with forward-thinking employer organizations that recognize work as a canvas for creativity, meaningful contribution, and the ability to add unmatched value.

Embrace the possibilities and unlock your true potential with SCR Technical Services, LLC. Our slogan, "Together We Reach the Goal," embodies our collaborative spirit and our unwavering commitment to achieving success through mutual collaboration. Join us in this exhilarating journey, where aspirations become achiev

ements and dreams become reality.

Experience the difference with SCR Technical Services, LLC – Unleashing Potential, Together We Reach the Goal.



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