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About Sonya

Sonya Royster is a skilled HR Talent Acquisition leader with 15+ years of diverse HR experience across the information technology, defense sector, education, pharmaceutical and life science industries.


Sonya's superpower is her ability to connect and reach people from varying backgrounds.  She has mentored, developed and empowered numerous talented professionals.  With a strong understanding of the intricate nature of employee development as it pertains to the operational, relevancy, and financial success of organizations.  She has an excellent reputation in building teams to deliver complex projects.  Directs multifunctional teams with a "live the culture and leads by example" style that elicits ownership, high performance and loyalty from employees.

Sonya is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion  and has successfully collaborated with colleagues and organizational leaders to bridge the gap to challenge people in thinking differently.

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Get to Know Us

At SCR Technical Services, LLC (SCR), we serve two closely aligned client bases, outstanding employers and the skilled professionals who contribute to the greatness of our customer organizations. For SCR, hiring right is a dual proposition. We invest considerable time and resources to identify and vet talent who not only desire to do well, but are inspired to excel… And we seek employer organizations that understand work is an opportunity for creativity, meaningful contribution, and to add value.

The leadership at SCR Technical Services, LLC (SCR), has an exceptional history spanning over 15 years in the talent acquisition arena. Over the years we have worked intimately with decision makers, human resource managers and hiring managers of nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses as well as key opinion leaders of Fortune 1000 companies, federal agencies and local municipalities across the nation to capture and harness extraordinary talent.



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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