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No doubt this pandemic has presented new challenges for your company. We can help.


Our team is committed to helping our clients succeed during these unprecedented times. 

Our success depends on your success.


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Our Talent Acquisition team members are information and networking enthusiast with knowledge and access to the resources that are important to hiring smart.


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Hiring is hard. So let us guide you through it. SCR Technical Services can cut the time it takes to staff your role — remote or on-site. We’re here for you by helping you attract top talent. Breathe easier knowing you’ve got the best full-time talent acquisition firm on your side.

Our sourcing and media skills enable SCR Technical Services to identify and capture the rainmakers, the ones to watch, the professionals on the leading difference where it matters most.

M. Wright, CA

SCR Technical Services is our partner of choice.  They are subject matter experts in the life science, pharmaceutical and technology space. "
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